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A Gathering of Photographers:

Snap Judgement

Show runs from November 13th through November 23rd
Reception: November 16th from 2:00-5:00 pm

From the darkness of the chemical alchemy to the shiny brightness of the electronic pixel, a gathering forms in fellowship.  The Whittier Photographers Society collects many diverse elements to solidify into a collective photonics vision.  From decades of experience in both the art and science of photography, we present the works of:

Tamara Hardy, John Castillo, David Bailey, Ron Robertson, Louis Rico, Deanna Woirhaye, Larry Scher, George Rodriquez, Linda Nakamura-Oberholtzer, Jeff Lough, Stephen Soukup, Nanci Williamson, Arie Korporaal and Pam Korporaal.

Snap Judgememt.jpg
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