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One Day FREE Showing!

January 6, 2024 7-8 pm

The Whittier Art Association and Gallery will be having a special screening of John MacLean's short artistic film "The Lost Era" featuring the works of painter Pete Hampton of La Habra Heights. 

The Lost Era was begun in 1961, but was never completed. John MacLean has re-created this show as a short film that tells the story of Pete Hampton's early childhood in the remote hills above La Habra. 
Artist Pete Hampton (1940-2018) was an eccentric genius. He was a painter, naturalist, and showman. His paintings and stories told of his adventures in the Puente Hills in Whittier, and La Habra Heights, California. Pete Hampton’s life was a mission. He was determined to save the Puente Hills from development. To accomplish this mission Pete created feature length shows combining slides of his paintings with narration, music, sound effects, and even a smell machine to re-create the experience of being up in the hills. 
It is work of breath-taking beauty, depicting the pastoral world of La Habra in the early 1940’s. Moreover, The Lost Era is an intimate, and often disturbing look at the inner world of this most eccentric genius.

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