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Annual Miniature and Small Things

Virtual Show and Sale

opens Thanksgiving Day!

An annual event that honors Linda Hall, small artist and inspiration for this show.  All miniature works will be tiny frames, easels or pedestals with small works of art.  For miniature submissions there will be awards for awardees. Small Works are pieces that are 10" x 10" x 10" in all directions, including the frame or base.  

AMS #4.3.jpeg

Linda Hall Award

Golden Crown by Ann Surbeck

Hall photo.jpeg

Linda Hall, small artist and inspiration for this show

GDD #3.2.jpeg

1st Place

Blue by Gigi Dolores

BSK #1.3.jpeg

2nd Place

Hopi Girl by Berta Salazar-Koza


3rd Place

Return to the Forest by Signe Jameson

DLM #1.2.jpeg

Honorable Mention

Poppy Fields by Donna Larson

LS #3.2.jpeg

Honorable Mention

Study: Box of Old Paints #1 by Leah Schmaltz

Honorable Mention

Distant Hills by Lucy Breeden

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