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"Oriental Senses"


May 22nd - June 1st

Reception May 25th, 3-5 pm

We are honored to have the noted Korean artist and scholar, Jessica Jan, curating the "Oriental Senses" exhibit in May.  Jessica is the president of the Orange County Korean Professional Foundation of Korean Art, and she never fails to enchant the viewer with the artist's attention to exquisite detail and dramatic composition.

We have been amazed at the exceptional quality of the artwork that has been exhibited in the past, and we are honored that this will be the 7th exhibit she has curated for the Whittier Art Gallery.

Featured Artists Are:

  • George Rodriguez

  • Marty Wilson

  • Maud Aretz

  • Donna Larson

  • Lisa Keffer-Ruiz

  • Lucy Breeden

  • Jay Gould

  • Holly Overin

  • Vicki Schramm

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