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September 5th - September 29th

Reception- September 8th, 2-5:00 pm

"Shades of Green"

A Themed Art Exhibit

September brings in the first themed and juried Show of the Whittier Art Association's season.  The show, "Shades of Green" is themed, but wide open as to the interpretation of what green might be.  One green will be greenbacks, for there will be cash prizes for the winning artists.  

The viewing public is familiar with many nationally known artists that exhibit at the Gallery. Many of these artists and others from around the Southland will show their artwork in all media including painting, ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, and wearable art.  Members of the Whittier Photographer's Society will exhibit photographs shot during world travels.  Internationally known artist and activist Jessica Jang is the judge for this exhibit.

Shades of Green 6.jpg
Shades of Green 2.jpg
Shades of Green 3.jpg
Shades of Green 5.jpg
Shades of Green 1.jpg
Shades of Green 4.jpg
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