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Photography in a Neo-Light


The Whittier Photographer's Society has been EX-ZOOMED, what does that mean?  During the Pandemic, we like many only met on Zoom sessions. We are now out and about, seeking that new light because the light is our tool, we use it to fix the record for all to see. 

 This exhibit will run from November 2-12
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Reception, Nov. 12th
2-5 pm

Ron Robertson        Deanna Woirhaye
Noel Roque              Louis Rico
John Castillo            Jeff Lough
Larry Scher              Nanci Williamson
Linda Oberholtzer    Bob Rubin
George Rodriguez   Arie Korporaal
Oscar Castillo          Pam Korporaal
David "Bodie" Bailey

EX-ZOOMED at 9.00.17 PM.png
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