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"Unwanted Show" 

by Kevin Paez and Ria Unique

Show runs from August 10th through September 3rd
Reception: August 13th from 3:00-8:00 pm

Kevin Paez: I began drawing at a very young age, watching Saturday morning cartoons, recreating the characters such as The Flintstones, Scooby Doo, Whacky Racers etc.

Over the years I've been drawn to various mediums and teaching myself different styles.  Comics have been by go-to for different art platforms.  My first set of comics were Marvel Comics - specifically  Marvel Zombies - leading me to create comic art, specifically inking and creating covers.  Now today I grown my talent and am proud of the success I have achieved for myself and now onto the next chapter in my life.  Let the show begin!

Ria Unique: I am an artist, designer, and stylist.  I've drawn my whole life, winning my first art show in the 2nd grade!  I later went on to a magnet school for Art and now I am taking classes at a junior college for fashion and graphic design!  I am proud to say this is my first official art show as an adult, and this is just the beginning!

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