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The Whittier Art Gallery Presents

"Open Doors"

Unlimited Possibilities

All Media Juried Theme Show

Opens September 1 - October 2, 2021

Wednesdays -Sundays, 1-5 pm









The Gallery is now open 

Wednesdays - Sundays 1 pm-5 pm

Please during your visit be sure to also shop in our unique Gift Gallery for one-of-a-kind items, handmade by local artists

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Special Awards

Invitational Entry

Invitational Entry

"Door to Possibilities", a watercolor painting by Elizabeth Dason Redmon - Invitational Entry Award

Theme Award Winner

Theme Award Winner

"Courage", photograph by Lark Frieze-Hickey - Theme Award Winner

1st Place Winners 

Chromatic Factory

"Chromatic Factory", mixed media piece by Setsuko Okubo - 1st Place Winner - 2-Dimensional


"Restoration", photograph by Arie Korporaal - 1st Place Winner - Photography

Medicine Man

"Medicine Man", an assemblage by Jim Gorin - 1st Place Winner - 3-Dimensional

2nd Place Winners 

Falling Up

"Falling Up", a photograph by Deanna Woirhaye - 2nd Place Winner - Photography

Nest Sweet Nest

"Nest Sweet Nest", Clay and Gourd construction by Dale La Casella - 2nd Place Winner - 3-Dimensional

Cross Roads

"Cross Roads", a watercolor by Mark Frederickson - 2nd Place Winner - 2-Dimensional

3rd Place Winners 


"Desperation", an oil painting by Ofelia Warthen - 3rd Place - 3-Dimensional

Fiber Composition

"Fiber Composition", fiber creation by Thomas White - 3rd Place Winner - 3-Dimensional

Glowing Cactus

"Glowing Cactus", photograph by Jeff Lough - 3rd Place - Photography

Honorable Mention Winners 

George Rodriguez

"Black Lives Matter" by George Rodriguez - Honorable Mention - Photography

Jeff Lough

"First United Methodist" by Jeff Lough - Honorable Mention - Photography

Deanna Woirhaye

"Lamp Light in The Dark Night" by Deanna Woirhaye - Honorable Mention - Photography

Maya Hivale

"Time is Sweeping By" by Maya Hivale - Honorable Mention - Photography

John Beynon

"When Fantasy Meets Reality, Lili Rules" by John Beyond - Honorable Mention - Photography

Harriett Foley

"Jumpin' Jupiter" by Harriett Foley - Honorable Mention - 2-Dimensional

Bobby Romero

"Return to Lemuria" by Bobby Romero - Honorable Mention - 2-Dimensional

Annie Surbeck

"Moon Walk" by Annie Surbeck - Honorable Mention - 2-Dimensional

Lucy Breeden

"Apples and Tea Towel" by Lucy Breeden - Honorable Mention - 2-Dimensional

Lark Frieze-Hickey

"Into His Wonderful Light" by Lark Frieze-Hickey - Honorable Mention - 2-Dimensional

Jay Gould

"Sunset at Sunset Beach" by Jay Gould - Honorable Mention - 2-Dimensional

Donna Larson

"Exploring" by Donna Larson - Honorable Mention - 3-Dimensional

Diana Floyd Alvarado

"It's a Fish Eat Fish World" by Diana Floyd Alvarado - Honorable Mention - 2-Dimensional

Donna Larson

"Visit Our Parks/Zion" by Donna Larson - Honorable Mention - 2-Dimensional

Victor Perdomo

"Open Door" by Victor Perdomo - Honorable Mention - 3-Dimensional

"Michael Tyler

"Lidded Jar 'Ume' Plum Branch with Blossoms" by Michael Tyler - Honorable Mention - 3-Dimensional

Dale De La Casella

"Tanya" by Dale De La Casella - Honorable Mention - 3-Dimensional

Maya Hivale

"Choose Your Key" by Maya Hivale - Honorable Mention - 3-Dimensional

Belen Duarte

"Necklace/Black Cross" by Belen Duarte - Honorable Mention - 3-Dimensional

Michael Tyler

"Lidded Jar 'Sakura' Cherry" by Michael Tyler - Honorable Mention - 3-Dimensional

Cynthia Krause

"Dream of Puget Sound" by Cynthia Krause - Honorable Mention - 3-Dimensional

Anathea Woirhaye

"Chernobyl" by Anathea Woirhaye - Honorable Mention - 3-Dimensional

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