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In the Color of May

Artists are keen observers of their environment, and this observation often serves as a kind of mental sponge. These points are stored, shuffled, shifted, and often surface in the artist's work. Sometimes, they are used purposefully to call attention to an idea or statement the artist has isolated for the viewer's consideration. Oftentimes, these details are too numerous and too obscure to become a specific part of an artist's creation but instead influence, color, or accent an entire body of work.

I hope this exhibition will foster a rich dialogue between Korean and American artists to deepen their understanding of the world of art by connecting and sharing their works. Viewers are invited to enjoy the artworks and engage with the artists, delving into the depth of creativity and hidden meanings within their works.

May Group Exhibition.jpg

Participating Artists:

Sang Eui Kim                                           Evelyn Kim  
Soo Im Kim                                            Sarah Baek
Kyung Hee Jang                                 Woo Suk Jeong
Nazib Aschrafzai                                  Dai Soo Joung
    David White                                      Samantha Gervikas
Robert Cunningham.                           Youngsoo Kim
Noh Yeol                                             Sung Ho Choe

Mi Joung Lee                                         Esther H Shi

 Yungah Hwang                                            Ben Park     

Jinsil Kim.                                             Mi Young Jeon
Ki Soo Choi                                          Suyoun Choi
Yongmi Park.                                        Jessica Jang


 Curated by Jessica Jang

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